Custom Clearance

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Customs Clearance

Eros is largest global freight forwarders operating within a worldwide network.
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The process carried us before goods can be imported or exported. For clearing the shipment the customer has to pay the duties. There is a lot of paperwork carried out in the import and export of the goods. Based on the country's rules and regulations the papers' works differ.It would be unimaginable for you as your shipment being stuck in the foreign land at customer clearance resulting in unable to deliver the good to your customer on the time specified.
We Eros have a expert team who digitally does all the paper work for the import and export of goods which include hazardous materials like customer officers checks , tax payment , duties and all other payment. Digitized paper work gets rid of all the manual errors to get a best logistics solution in the clearance process. Our clearances process enable you to focus on the business growth rather than spending time of understanding the rules and regulation of the different regions.
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We Handled
Tons of air freight annually
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International gateways

Services We Provide

Few clients may not have physical space to store the goods, for such clients we take care of the goods being stored in the warehouse safely.
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Warehousing Premium

Warehousing the goods to be sent in a safe and secure way.
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Warehousing Economy

We take care of all the warehousing processes for the goods to be shipped or cargo.

Effortless Warehousing With Eros

Eros takes care of all the processes in sending a consignment for packing, storing, and many processes ensuring the safe delivery with aim of customer satisfaction.

Cost Optimisation

Reduced Transit Time

Real Time Monitoring

Operational Excellence

Move Goods anywhere around the world Safely.