Ocean Freight

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Ocean Freight

Eros is largest global freight forwarders operating within a worldwide network.
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90 % of the global trade is carried out through the sea which is ocean freight and it is the main transport mode even though there are lots of challenges faced during the transportation process in shipping the goods. The main advantage of ocean freight is transporting large volumes of things at low costs. In ocean freight, the goods are packed in large containers which are then loaded into the vessels.

FCL Import:

Digitalized integrated platforms enables our customer to have a multi-country access for tracking and knowing the following details.
1. During the peak season offering a committed space and equipment as well as consolidate the share volume.
2. Information about the sailing schedules during the cross-trade, multiple carriers and transit options. 3. Have a detail analyze of the price comparison for the space committed.

FCL Exports:

Our entirely digitized platform enable us to all the service offering like carrier option , cost , timeline and much more in a single button click. Ensure the delivery of the product from the selective origin to the designation managing the critical time-bound.
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We Handled
Tons of Ocean freight annually
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We Covered
International gateways

Services We Provide

We do replenishment, picking, warehousing operation and distribution of the cargo as well as goods . Port clearance is also is done as well as logistic management.
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Ocean Premium

Guaranteed Delivery of goods by a certain date or time frame with additional charges
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Ocean Economy

The usual charge for the shipment of goods without any fixed time frame or date.
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Ocean Time Critical

Transported in short time frame than the traditional parcels to minimize theft and damage of high-value product during transit.

Effortless Shipping With Eros

We take Care of all the Clearance processes in ports and well as a details logical analysis before going for the large cargo assignment in order to avoid the delay as well as safe delivery.

Cost Optimisation

Reduced Transit Time

Real Time Monitoring

Operational Excellence

Move Goods anywhere around the world Safely.