Replenishment Picking

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Replenishment Picking

Combine process of batch picking and reserve storage.
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The process of re-ordering low or out-of-stock inventory is referred to as replenishment. The main aim of the replenishment process is to ensure the availability of the product at right time and at the right place in order to increase the sales and reduce the cost
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We Handled
Tons of air freight annually
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International gateways

Services We Provide

Few clients may not have physical space to store the goods, for such clients we take care of the goods being stored in the warehouse safely.
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We do batch picking for the goods to be sent
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Forward Picking

Storage area and picking area segregation in the warehouse

Effortless Warehousing With Eros

Eros takes care of all the processes in sending a consignment for packing, storing, and many processes ensuring the safe delivery with aim of customer satisfaction.

Cost Optimisation

Reduced Transit Time

Real Time Monitoring

Operational Excellence

Move Goods anywhere around the world Safely.